For A Living Planet



If you want a different world, don't be indifferent*



Facing crisis, wether they are economic, social or environmental, a large number of people wish a deep change in the way in which our society lives. But many of them feel powerless and defenceless. What can I do  ?

However, all around the planet some people engage themselves in actions to improve the situation. In agriculture, ecology, politics, economy, cultural and social issues alternative solutions are imagined, created and implemented. Some are already bearing fruits. We ascribe to this movement.
In agriculture we are promoting local agriculture for local needs intending to promote the farmer who is essential to humanity. As long as men and women eat, they will need farmers, but happy farmers living a good life.
This land has been, is and will remain the only source of food production. To live from earth should be a joy and not slavery. We must therefore honor and promote technologies that facilitate crops for a healthy and sustainable production: agroecology, permaculture etc

Gandhi had, at the end of his life, dreamed of a united India with a single flag and 500,000 independent villages, with a common bond and local power, at the same time legislative, administrative and economically autonomous. Kinds of village republics. This is what we seek to promote
A vector of positive transformation, bringing hope. The various alternatives currently underway determine the advent of a better world where the human values ??of solidarity, sobriety and respect for nature will be at the center of our projects and of our enterprises.

Like Rajagopal, Indian trade union Ekta Parishad* leader, we believe that "if you want a different world, do not be indifferent". That this other world will come about by the commitment of a growing number of people determined to work for change. This is the purpose of our caravan project, reaching out to those who want a better world by giving them the desire to get involved.
* The caravan is associated with the Delhi-Geneva walk, Jai Jagat 2020, organized by Ekta Parishad, which will arrive in Geneva in October 2020.


The caravan FOR A LIVING PLANET offers to its public a space for meeting, for the diffusion and the sharing of actions carrying hope. It is carried by organizations, artists, activists, both local and national, already active in the diffusion of the keys to transformation.

It's about creating a space of sharing so that the solutions of tomorrow are put in place by exchange, confrontation and discussion with the participants.
The caravan will spend an average of one week in each place to offer, depending on the possibilities, conferences, screenings, shows, parties and short courses. It is place to get information, to think, to train, to enjoy and celebrate also because it is by joy and emotion that one weaves the links that allow the advent of other possibles. The program of each place will be determined in advance with local partners, who are also involved in the ongoing transformation.

We will establish a ten-week trip from Paris (France) to Ziguinchor (Senegal) in the spring of 2020. The route will be determined first and foremost by the desire and willingness of the local partners to receive us and by the opportunities presented (festivals, meetings, colloquia, already existing events).



Think of this text as a call. If this call speaks to you and you want to participate in the adventure for a step, a region or for the whole route, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are especially looking for people or organizations providing resources to help us organize our stay and our action at the relay points of our course.


François VERLET-Project manager for GANDHI INTERNATIONAL
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François VERLET. Trained at the Higher School of Audiovisual (Paris), He has been producing documentaries for over twenty years on social and environmental alternatives. For 30 years, he has been involved in the organization of cultural events of a social nature in partnership with organizations such as Secours Populaire, ATTAC, the Singapore Ministry of Culture, the Paris City Hall.

Louis CAMPANA. Borrn July 17, 1946 in Marostica (Italy) is a non-violent activist, promoter of the philosophy of Gandhi especially by the writing and the realization or co-realization of documentary films and events on the Gandhian thought and non-violence. Founder and president of the Shanti and Gandhi International associations, he is also a companion of the Ark Communities.